GyroCoach is a revolutionary new tool for clinical analysis and patient instruction. GyroCoach helps speed motor retraining using visual cues in a simple, instant and intuitive way. GyroCoach generates a laser-based target worn by the patient to illustrate movement at a specific motion segment and provides the simplest possible feedback on how to improve. Instantly.  

There is no other individual device available today to demonstrate human motion in three planes at any motion segment and demonstrate this to a patient in real time.  GyroCoach devices can be used in almost unlimited combinations to reveal complex muscle/limb interactions.  GyroCoach has practical applications for all areas of rehabilitation.


Headquartered in Los Altos, California, Stimson BioKinematics is a privately held company innovating devices and systems for the sports and rehabilitative therapy markets. Stimson BioKinematics has developed, commercialized and received regulatory (FDA) clearance for the GyroCoach device, a laser-based dynamic goniometer for use in physical rehabilitation and motion biofeedback. GyroCoach is a trademark of Stimson BioKinematics.

The GyroCoach was created by Wendy Stimson, PT, MBA. Wendy attended Fresno State and graduated in 1979 with a BS in Physical Therapy. Wendy then pursued her MBA at San Jose State and graduated in 1986. She has owned her own practice in Los Altos, California since 1990 after working in a variety of out patient clinics including pediatric, orthopedic, neurologic and geriatric. She has also worked as an in patient therapist and in home care. Ten years ago, Wendy introduced adapting commercially available laser technology in her clinic. After having difficulty finding a device that showed all 3 planes of motion that was easily attachable, she decided to develop a device specifically for physical therapists and their patients. 

Wendy Stimson, PT