- Mario G. Giorgianni, M.D. -

The use of GyroCoach has added a much needed novel treatment approach to make it easier for patients to understand what they are doing and how to make improvements - and the results of Wendy's treatment with the use of GyroCoach is remarkable. 

Since seeing is believing, both Wendy and I routinely take photos/videos of patients to better document (and remember) their posture and gait (these are shared with patients as well). During treatment, Wendy will do follow up photos/videos to assess a patient's response to therapy and the use of GyroCoach. As I follow up with patients I assess their response to treatment and the use of GyroCoach. The responses are consistently positive.

A few case examples are listed below: 

  • 30 y/o young woman some 3 years post TBI with resultant marked trunk and limb ataxia, left ACL tear and frequent falls. Excellent response to use of GyroCoach with patient better able to limit the degree of ataxia and prevent falls

  • 70 y/o woman with Parkinson's disease, ankylosing spondylitis, hx of falls with left hip fracture, gait disturbance and postural lean to the left in sitting. Positive response to use of GyroCoach to make postural adjustments both in sitting and standing with resultant improved safety and gait

  • 66 y/o man with marked postural abnormality (head marked forward, poor neck extension) secondary to radiation fibrosis syndrome from treatment of upper back lymphoma. Beautiful response to use of GyroCoach in allowing him to improve his head, neck and thoracic alignment without compensatory hyper-lordosis of his lumbar spine

  • 35 y/o man with lax posture, forward lean of trunk, head forward and thoracic pain. GyroCoach for postural correction and carry over of home exercise program. Documented (photo) of sustained improvement of posture and less report of back pain

I could go on! Suffice it to say that GyroCoach is an exceptional biofeedback tool to use as an adjunct to physical and occupational therapy for those with postural, gait and range of motion restrictions.



- Julie Knoll, PT, NCS -

NeuralBalance Physical Therapy

Headmounted lasers like our Gyrocoach, offer significant value both in testing and in training. 

For testing, we determine a high degree of specificity in both error degree and direction that is reliable for repeat testing. It offers an excellent tool for education of the client on the deficit of spatial orientation driven by vestibular input and cervical proprioception. In addition, the motor control capacity is demonstrated by the degree of erratic motion evident on the laser tracings. We can also measure functional restrictions in AROM in multi planes, particularly in the upper cervical spine.

For training, it offers kinesthetic and vestibular orientation feedback that has very clear, objective measure of change. For motor control training, we are able to apply it to a wide a variety of positions, training maps/targets, and surface challenge due to the head mounted, beam direction control.

Clients find this tool interesting, engaging, and preferable to more simple exercises using only mirror feedback. If all patients could receive for use in their home programs that would be ideal, due to costs savings we send up the single point lasers and use the perpendicular Gyrocoach beams when with trainers at the center.


- Lois Boulgarides, PT, DPT, MS -

California State University, Sacramento, Department of Physical Therapy

At the California State University, DPT Student Orthopedic Pro Bono Clinic, we are using the GyroCoach with the goal of helping patients master neuromuscular control for the spine and extremities.



- Chris w -

While lying on my side, my PT gave verbal and tactile feedback for performing the "Clam" but I could not understand how to perform the movement correctly even with verbal and tactile feedback.  Once the GyroCoach laser light was fastened around my pelvis and the other one on my knee, the visual feedback from the laser immediately helped me understand how to move my leg while keeping my pelvis still.  I was able to see when I was doing it correctly providing a more effective treatment session.  

The GyroCoach laser is the most effective tool I have used during my therapy sessions. The visual feedback from the lasers allows me to immediately "see" when I am doing the movements correctly, providing a more effective treatment session and enables me to do it at home independently.


- Barbara D. -

I have had a long history of generalized back pain and have investigated many avenues for relief. It was not until I sought physical therapy from Wendy Stimson did I improve my situation and was able to experience significant relief. She assessed my history of spine pain and was able to ascertain that my back issues were significantly aggravated by poor posture.

Through the use of the GyroCoach during my treatment sessions, my posture was improved and my degree of kyphosis reduced. Thus, I had improved posture and significant reduction of pain in my back and neck.

I am grateful to Wendy for the help. Through her instruction and my use of the GyroCoach, my back and my life have been greatly improved.